NN ballast wagons

Number in Class 125 (1979 total)
Number group 1 - 145
Construction period 1901 - 1951
In service 1901 - still in use
1979 recode VHWA
Where built Newport
NN's were used to discharge ballast onto tracks. To discharge they would be pulled along at very slow speed, a workman would walk beside and open the discharge door using the wheel in the middle of the wagon.

There were 2 main body styles, the older style shown below and the later style shown above. Both types had their sides extended in the early 1960's to increase capacity, the later style also had their ends strengthened in the early to mid 1960's

At least 5 were kept on the Standard Gauge.

# group Qty Year built
1 1 1901
2 - 46 45 1907
46 - 145 100 1950 - 1951

ABOVE: NN 6 as built, photo circa 1910
The white cross indicated it had an operating air brake, the more familiar inverted U replaced this symbol.
Official VR photo

Photo below shows NN 3 at North Melbourne workshops, 1979. At some stage it recieved a new welded hopper.

ABOVE: NN 11at Geelong 1978
photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: BHWA 18 at Burrumbeet, Oct 27 1983. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)

NN 31 (above) and NN 83 (below) at Nth Melbourne workshops 1979 clearly showing the 2 body styles

NN 129 at Nth Melbourne workshops, April 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: VHWA 124 at North Melbourne workshops, 1979

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