Service Stock

Service Stock is a general term used to describe any non revenue vehicle that doesn't fall under another category.
These vehicles were for the VR's exclusive use.

DW: 4 wheel domestic water transport
H: rolling stock branch breakdown vans
HD: way & works storage/transport
HH: bogie breakdown vans
KR: rail transport
N: 4 wheel ballast plough
NN: bogie ballast hoppers
OH: 4 wheel and bogie overhead maintenence
QD: bogie flat wagons
QN: bogie ballast wagons
W: 4 wheel workmens sleeper cars
WK: 4 bogie workmens kitchen car
WM: 4 wheel workmens mess/dining car
WS: workmens shower cars
WT: water tanks
WTT: weighbridge test trucks
WW: bogie workmens sleeper cars
WZ: 6 wheel weed spray van