KR rail carrying wagons

Number in Class 147, 2 axle. 20 bogie
(1976 total)
Number group 124 - 189, 191 - 318
Construction period 1955 - 1970
In service 1955 -
KR's were used to transport rail, at Spotswood short rail lengths from the foundry were flash butt welded into much longer lengths of continuous rail, loaded onto rakes of KR's and dispatched to the relaying project.
Most KR's were 2 axle wagons built from recycled I/IA underframes, KR's 191- 210 were bogie wagons converted from steam loco tender underframes from 1960 - 1965

Each rake had a bulkhead equipped KR at each end, in between these two wagons were a number of non bulkhead KR's, (these intermediate KR's usually did not have coupler lift pins). On some rakes intermediate KR's in the rake had a crane to lift the rail up and out from the wagon and drop it onto he ground. Rakes not equipped with cranes required workmen to manually lever the rail off the wagon after the side stakes were removed.

KR 159 at Nth Melbourne workshops showing the early style of bulkhead, Sept 1978

KR 311 at Sunshine showing the later style of bulkhead, Sept 1978.

KR 191 & 192 of the small group that was converted from steam loco tender underframes, Geelong, March 1978.
Note the safety chain in addition to the drawbar on KR 192

above, stencil on KR 192

ABOVE: KR 210 at Geelong May 1978
photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Showing the bulkhead of a bogie KR and below the stencil on KR 210, this rake comprised 4 bogie KR's

KR's 140 & 141 showing a slightly different superstructure style to other 2 axle KR's above, Dandenong April 1978

Stencil on KR 140

KR 176 at Nth Melbourne workshops, Feb. 1978

KR 218 at Nth Melbourne workshops, Feb. 1978

KR 300 showing the cranes used to lift the rail out of the wagon, Nth Melbourne workshops, Feb. 1978

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