ZD guards vans

Number in Class 16
Number group 19 - 619
Construction period
In service 1975 - early 80's
Where built
Another variant of the standard Z van was the ZD, the D meaning "dual coupled" that is, being equipped with a automatic coupler and a screw coupling. When the screw coupler was in use the auto coupler was turned aside as in the photo above. Because they had screw couplers ZD's kept their buffers to the end.

The ZD were recodes from ZP's which were allowed 60 MPH on passenger trains. The recoding took place in the mid to late 70's

ZD numbers were: 19, 31, 211, 237, 239, 260, 468, 469, 470, 471, 494, 500, 600, 604, 611, 619

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ABOVE: ZD 31 at Brooklyn, 1978. Built as D 31 Sep 1889, circa 1910 redoded to Z, in 1956 it was recoded to ZP and recoded to ZD in 1975. 

ABOVE: ZD 468 at Traralgon, March 1978.
BELOW: Preserved at Trentham 2011


ABOVE: ZD 469 at Bendigo, Nov. 1976
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE & BELOW: ZD 494 at Bendigo, March 1978


ABOVE: ZD 500 at Woodend, March 1978

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ABOVE: ZD 619 at Bendigo, March 1978

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