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Jan 27 2023: The Metropolitan section of the grades page is up, as can be seen, there are many gaps still to be filled.

Jan 25 2023: Plans & Sections for South Geelong - Queenscliff added to Grades page.

Increasingly, photographic and scanned material on this website is being used in commercial situations and uploaded to social media websites without permission.  Australian copyright law is very clear. The person who took the photo or scanned the material owns the copyright to that image. That digital image must not be used in any way without the permission of the copyright holder.  Concerning commercial use of a photograph or scanned material, our position is that in addition to requesting permission of the copyright holder: When material is used, for example, in a publication, an offer to provide a sample of the publication it appears in is required When the material is used to promote, for example, a model, an offer to provide a model or financial remuneration is required

Jan 18 2023: Peter Enlund has scanned a fascinating document that goes into great detail about the testing of X 32 after it was converted to burn Pulverised Brown coal, it can be found on the X class page. More photos added to the M wagon page including the only photo I've seen of a wagon with a wood underframe equipped with Westinghouse air brake. 

Jan 15 2023: Peter Enlund has scanned an interesting 1926 book on goods train loads, found on the Timetable page. Photos added to the Dining car page and the M wagon page.

Jan 12 2023: Diagrams, courtesy of Peter Enlund, added to Z van page and of the Leyland railmotor.

Jan 10 2023: The GH page has been refreshed with many new much better quality scans added as well as plans.

Jan 2 2023: Plans and Sections for Irrewarra - Newtown added to the W&SW grades page. Plans for the Kerang - Koondrook line have been added to the N&M gradient page. New plan of a CE van added to CE page. Photo of a SOP sitting car added to AS page.

Dec 23 2022: The BFW and BLX/F pages have been refreshed and made mobile device friendly with 10 new photos added. The QN page hasn't been refreshed but has had photos added including ones of them in electrification projects. Lance Cross has provided a drawing on Enterprise and Perserverance on the sleeping car page.

Dec 20 2022: Over the years the Grades Book page had become a real dog's breakfast. Each district now has its own page and the various items should be a lot easier to find, the new pages are also mobile device friendly. Note, I have yet to do the metropolitan page.

Dec 9 2022: 1944 Ticket Checkers Manual added to the Timetable page. AX and QW pages have been upgraded