Steam Era Models: Builds the finest VR, HO scale injection moulded and brass kit models

Hollywood Foundry: Builds high quality replacement mechs for all VR diesel/electric locos, the world famous "Bullant Drives" and is currently doing a HO scale W class diesel.

Train Hobby Brass: Has two divisions: "Precision Scale Models" produce exquisite O and HO VR brass locos and wagons, limited run so when you see something you like, buy it! "Train Hobby Publications" produces the well known VR series of pictorial books which every modeller should have in their library.

Austrains: Builds HO models of C, X and T/H, Y class diesels and VR wagons.

AUST-N-RAIL: Builds supurb N scale VR wagons, they also also produce a HO tarp for GY's.

Veteran Models: Builds excellent O scale kits of VR rollingstock and locos

Ian Lindsay Models: O scale Puffing Billy models and HO scale models of VR structures

Victorian Model Railway Society: Victoria's and perhaps Australia's foremost model railway club, home to some of the best scratchbuilders in Australia.

Australian Model Railway Magazine: Australia's flagship model railway magazine

Auscision Models: Builds a large range of VR locos and wagons.

Eureka Models: Builds HO scale VR and NSW models

SPIRIT design: Has a vast range N scale VR wagon and carriage kits.

Model Etch: Produce exquisite brass etched parts, mainly for South Australian rollingstock but some suitable for VR rollingstock. Has released a KMQ wagon and has SAR cattle/sheep wagons that ran in Victoria.

Steamandthings: Produce brass etchings of VR rollingstock and trackside signs in a variety of scales

lyndon's basic australian trains: Just found this manufacturer, I don't know anything about them but they produce quite a few VR era kits.

SDS Models: Large range of VR and interstate HO scale models

Trainbuilder: Sells HO scale RTR Victorian brass models

Outback Model Company: Produces Australian structure kits, their website includes some brilliant structure modelling info.

Modelling Victorian Railways: Has a lot of invaluable info about modelling the VR in HO scale including detailed instructions for construction.

Bowen Creek: A fantastic blog on building a Australian layout properly to the highest standards, Highly Recomended!

Sergent Engineering: Makes true scale HO couplers that I use and think are the best looking couplers around.

End Of The Line Hobbies: Focuses on SAR kits but also produces some VR kits.



PJV Website: Online rollingstock data from 1886 and link to PJV's photos

Rob O'Regan's website: My good mate and fellow spark driver, is starting to put his massive collection of VR images on the web

Andrew Waugh Homepage: A VR signal/historian of note, this site contains many in depth signal/station histories as well as a supurb series of VR maps

Ray Gomerski's signal diagrams: A large collection of older VR signal diagrams

Vicsig: Lots of info on current Victorian rail operations

Picture Australia: Has tons of early VR photos, type "Victorian Railways" in search field

Steamrail Homepage: Steamrail runs many train tours over ex VR lines using preserved VR locos and rollingstock.

Royal Historical Society Victoria: Info and links created for the "Making Tracks" exhibition

Les Brown Train Pics: Les has put a lot of photos from the 60's and 70's on his page, well worth a look.

Richard Felstead's Railway Page: Some intresting coverage of the VR in the 1960's

Public Record Office, Victoria: Type in any VR location or subject and see what they have.

The Argus, Digitised: The National Library of Australia has made a start digitising this historically important newspaper.

Australian Train Movers: Sells old rollingstock, some ex VR

Victorian Government Narrow Gauge Railways: Excellent site on VR's narrow gauge railways.

Weston Langford's website: A great collection of many VR photos from the 1960's

Geoff Winkler's photos: Some real classics from the late 1970's and on.

Victorian Steam Locomotive Company: This group is attempting to build a real, live V class stem loco for tourist line use.

Robert Aqilina's Flicker page: Robert is a fellow spark driver with an amazing collection of VR photos, well worth a look.

Model pics

markbau.net, my personal website.