H loco/casualty vans

H 919 was built new in 1893 and went into loco van traffic circa 1935.
Photo at Mildura 1978

Number in Class 10 (1979 register total)
Number group 9 - 966
Construction period
In service
Where built Newport W.S.
H vans were VR's standard box type van from the earliest days. By the mid to late 1970's a few were still in existence as "casualty" or "loco" vans. They were stationed around the system and contained equipment need to rerail rollingstock and would be dispatched to derailments often with a crane.
These vans ushered in the use of the letter H to denote departmental vehicles: HD, HR etc.

ABOVE: H 9 at Dimboola 1976
photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

ABOVE: H 10 at Donald. July 16 1977

ABOVE: H 11 circa 1978
photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

ABOVE & BELOW: H 16 at Echuca, 1978. Built new 1901 and went into breakdown traffic circa 1933
Photo at Echuca 1978

H 966 at Geelong Sept. 1978.
H 966 was built new June 1897, it went into breakdown traffic in 1933 and recieved a Tommy Bent I wagon underframe in 1956 . It was scrapped August 1979.

H 953 at Wodonga April 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

H 9 at Dimboola, circa 1978
photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent.

H 904 at Korong Vale, July 25 1970
Photo courtesy Bob Wilson.

H 938 at Korumburra circa 1976
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent.

The first overhead train, that was used during the electrification project, consisted of modified H vans as shown above that were equipped with special platforms and ladders that enabled workers to work on the overhaed.
Photo from VR Newsletter circa 1955.

Photo below: In 19?? the H's in overhead srvice were recoded to "OH"

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