DW domestic water wagons

ABOVE: DW 230 at Woodend, 1979

Number in Class 10
Number group 225 - 234
Construction period 1961
In service 1961 - late 70's
Where built
Converted from I/IA's this class carried potable water in departmental service to remote country locations that did not have a water service. Water for general use (including watering steam locos etc) was carried in WT's.

All the DW's I photographed had the discharge valve at the non handbrake end.




ABOVE: (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)


ABOVE: DW 229 at Bendigo June 1975. (photo courtesy Peter J Vincent)


ABOVE: DW 232 circa 1976
photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

ABOVE: In 1977 two RY's were converted to what would be the last DW's. DW 233 was ex RY 1431 (converted Aug 1977). DW 234 was ex RY 626 (converted Sept 1977)  (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)

BELOW, the following photos are detail shots of DW 233
photos courtesy Peter J Vincent




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