C bogie guards vans

C 32 photo date: Sept. 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Number in Class 21 (1979 total)
Number group 1 - 48
Construction period 1888 - 1892
In service 1910 - early 1980's
Where built
Modeling Veteran Models make a etched brass and whitemetal O scale kit.
Built as "Dd" class they were coded to "C" circa 1910. By the late 1970's the only C's left were numbers 14 onwards. They were an extremely long lived van, in passenger service their whole life.
In the mid 1950's they recieved new underframes and the "TT" style bogies shown in these photos, they were also auto coupled at this time. Like the Z vans they had their centre cupola windows blanked out as a cost saving measure. As explained in the diagram, some C's had centre doorway connections that were later removed.
Towards the end of their lives they were relegated to shorter distance passenger trains, they were also a common sight behind DERM railmotors. Vehicle History List

ABOVE: C 16 at Bendigo 1960s, (A E Simth photograher)

ABOVE: C 17 photo date: Feb. 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan


ABOVE: C 18 at Spencer St, 1978.

ABOVE: C 18 at Maldon Oct. 2017

ABOVE: C 20, prior to getting its new underframe to enable autocoupling. circa mid 1950s (photo courtesy Brian McClure)

ABOVE: C 23 at Spencer St, 1978, built as Dd 25 in 1891, coded to "C" circa 1910, autocoupled and equipped with TT bogies June 1958, off register March 1983

ABOVE: C 24 at Ararat, 1978

ABOVE: C 28 in regular service at Geelong, 1978
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

BELOW: C 28, photo date Sept. 1985. The yellow lettering was a Steamrail addition, they never ran with other than white lettering in regular service.
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: I'm not sure what is going on here. In the late 1950s the C's received new underfames with auto couplers, this C however was scrapped at Bendigo May 1958 about the time the rest of the class were getting their new underframes, perhaps the body was deemed not fit to continue in service? (photo courtesy Brian McClure) 

C 34. built as DD 36 March 1892, coded to "C" circa 1910. autocoupled and new underframe 1959, off register March 1983

ABOVE: A very small number of C's got side observation "duckets" as shown on C 37. built as DD 39 March 1892, coded to "C" circa 1910. autocoupled and new underframe 1959, off register March 1983
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan



ABOVE: Dd 35, circa 1890's
Photo courtesy State Library Victoria

ABOVE & BELOW: Dd 43, date unknown. At least 11 C's were fitted with vestibule connections. The original end doors were very narrow, at some stage they were widened. ABOVE photo H 4565, PROV, BELOW photo  H 4566, PROV


ABOVE & BELOW, showing the wider vestibule connections, it is thought that all were removed by the 1950s Both photos, Phil Dunn collection. 

In 2014 Austrains released a very nice HO scale model of the C van.

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