P: four wheel explosives vans

ABOVE: A rake of very new P's, possibly near Ardeer, circa 1954, PROV

The modern P's numbered from 1 - 51 and were built in batches between 1953 and 1959 from scrap 10' 6" wheelbase U underframes for the carriage of explosive materials. he first batch: 1 -25, were built from 1953-1954. The second batch: 26-51were built in 1958-1959, this batch had much more substantial side and end bracing as compared to the first batch. As built they had bulbous looking roof vents which were later replaced  Their main traffic was from the ICI plant at Ardeer. When loaded, departmental regulations required "safety" wagons coupled between the loaded P's. Safety wagons were also required between a loaded P and a loco or guards van. P vans were not painted the usual VR freight red but were painted a very bright red, even brighter than VR passenger red.

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ABOVE: P 1 circa 1978. Photo courtesy Kent Smiley 

ABOVE: P 6 at Tottenham, Dec. 1982, photo courtesy Rob O'Regan  

ABOVE: P 10 photographed Dec 10 1982, photo courtesy Peter J Vincent. 

ABOVE: P 13 circa 1978  

ABOVE: P 17 at Nth Melbourne workshops Aug 5 1978.

ABOVE: P 28 at Dry Creek yard, S.A. The colour in this photo may be off as the slide is severely underexposed. Feb 17 1986.

ABOVE: P 30 at Nth Geelong yard. April 12 1978, photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: The remains of P 32 at Spotswood reclaimation depot, Feb 1978. 

ABOVE: P 44 at Tottenham yard Jan 1978.

ABOVE & BELOW: P 48 at Tottenham yard Jan 1978.


ABOVE: P 49 at Tottenham yard, Jan 1978.

ABOVE: Roof view of an unknown P van, 1981.

ABOVE: Article from the August 1953 VR newsletter.

ABOVE: This wonderful old photo probably dates from the 1870's. It shows Powder van #1 which the 1904 diagram book and the register tells us was built in 1862 by Wright & son a group of 5 wagons (1 - 5) It was equipped with Westinghouse air brake in 1912 and is shown as scrapped 16/6/1954.