QW Heavy duty well wagon

ABOVE VWBA 2 at Eaglehawk, Feb 4 1989. (photo courtesy Noel Bamford)

This wagon was built at Newport workshops in 1960 for the transport of very heavy equipment used in the construction of the Snowy River power generation scheme. It saw infrequent use after that project was completed. Like the QS wagons, QW 2 could be equipped with either 2 or 3 axle bogies. In the 1979 re-code it became VWBA 2. There was a QW 1 which was recoded from QB 13 in Dec 1961, in Jan 1962 it was re-coded to QWF 1. Early photos, and the plan, show a single wheel handbrake. Later photos show the single wheel handbrake was replaced by a Miner type handbrake at each end.

ABOVE & BELOW:QW 2 at Newport Workshops, March 1978.

BELOW: As built, elevated view of QW 2  shown fitted with S class tender bogies. photo courtesy PROV.


ABOVE: VWBA 2 at Nth Melb workshops, Jan 15 1982. photo courtesy Rob O'Reagan

ABOVE: This photo is from the Dec. 1961 VR newsletter and shows QW 2 with a special load as described in the caption.