Download my VR map! It is 1.3MB in size and at 100% will print approx 20 inches by 15 inches. This map shows all country lines and all country stations. Using Acrobat Readers's search feature you can find any location on the VR system. It shows track gauge, gauge conversions, closed/open status, lots of info. A suburban map is being prepared as time permits. Many thanks to Chris Wurr for help in preparing this map.
This is an official VR map from 1957. I have not attempted to clean this map up at all so it is presented "as is"

(It is 942 kb) in size

This is a 1947 VR map|
it is 864 KB

Click on either map to start downloading

Both maps are in .pdf format, you will need Adobe's Acrobat reader to view them, if you don't have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free by clicking on the icon below.

This suburban map is from a 1895 parlimentary report into why some lines were losing money. The coloured lines show those lines that were losing money Click on this map to open a page that contains a scan of the 1947 VR suburban map. I have explained some of the changes that occured (with dates) to lines and stations shown on this map Click on this map to open a page that contains a scan of the 1926 VR suburban map.
This is a map of the suburban system from a 1939 VR public timetable, click here for a "cleaned up" version where I have removed the page numbers.
Download this 1936 map that shows how travel times were decreasing. Download this 1941 map showing where all VFL/VFA grounds are located in relation to suburban station.



The map was created in Adobe Illustrator. I scanned an old VR map and then traced over it. As I started adding stations I realised that the old VR map was not very accurate and so I began importing topo maps and tracing the line formations from them. Liberal use was made of "layers" I think the original Illustrator file has 18 layers. The pen tool was used to trace the lines from the topo maps, the pen tool is very hard to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, life is good!

I tried to "keep the flavour" of the old VR maps that VR used to issue to the public. The map was actually a project that I set myself at a course I took to learn Illustrator. We had to set ourselves a project, that had to be approved by the teacher, the grade counted towards our final grade. The map was done in 5 days (there is nothing like a deadline to motivate you) but afterwards I went back and refined/corrected it with much help from Chris Wurr.