• Windermere signal diagram
    Windermere signal diagram
  • Windermere station buildings looking towards Ballarat 1981
    Windermere 1981
  • Burrumbeet signal diagram
  • The up morning pass. from Dimboola to Spencer St. would have been right at 70 mph as it runs between Trawalla and Burrumbeet. The Western highway is seen on the left. 1974.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn.
    near Burrembeet 1974
  • Trawalla signal diagram
    Trawalla signal diagram
  • C 503 heads a down "jet" through a "switched out" Trawalla in 1984. This section of track (Ballarat to Ararat) was closed after the standard gauge via Cressy was completed in May 1995 and then re-opened in 2004 but now sees only a couple of railmotors per day.
    Trawalla 1984
  • Two R class on an Ararat bound enthusiast special fly through Trawalla.
Sept. 1985
    Trawalla 1985
  • Station buildings looking south.photo courtesy Chris Wurr
  •  down steel train waits in #2 road to cross an up train.
Photo by Chris Wurr.
  • Station buildings, photo courtesy Chris Wurr
  • Middle Creek signal diagram
  • Middle Creek looking towards Ballarat, 1981.
    Middle Creek
  • A down jet rushes through Middle Creek shortly before it was erased from the railway map. 1981.
    Middle Creek 1981
  • Post 2, up home arrivals
    Middle Creek
  • Post 3, down homw departuree
    Middle Creek
  • Post 4, up home departures
    Middle Creek
  • Post 5, down home arrivals
    Middle Creek
  • Up distant signal,
    Middle Creek
  • Post 6, down distant signal.
    Middle Creek
  • Beaufort box diagram
    Beaufort box diagram
  • Beaufort signal diagram
  • Beaufort 1982

The afternoon Spencer St. to Dimboola pass. (8131) departs Beaufort. Jan. 4 1982.
    Beaufort 1982
  • The view from the signalbox looking west, March 1981
Photo courtesy Keith Lambert
    Beaufort 1981
  • The view from the cab of the up afternoon pass arriving Beaufort, 1986.
    Beaufort 1986
  • The view from the cab of the up afternoon pass arriving Beaufort, 1986.
    Beaufort 1982
  • Buangor box diagram
    Buangor box diagram
  • Buangor signal diagram
  • Official VR photo from the 60's
    Buangor, 1960's
  • General view looking east
    Buangor 1981
  • Buangor
    Buangor 1981
  • The 8.30am Spencer St to Horsham pass. departs Buangor. 1975.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn
    Buangor 1974
  • Buangor post 2, down home arrivals
    Buangor 1981
  • Buangor up home departures
    Buangor 1981
  • From The Argus: April 2 1925
    The Argus, Buangor fire