Ararat - Maryborough


ABOVE: T 372 and a ZLP guards van run "bona" from Ararat to Maryborough as they approach the former station site of Dunneworthy. 1981

ABOVE: Dunneworthy, circa 1900. (National Library of Australia collection)


Ben Nevis 

Ben Nevis signal arrangement diagram

ABOVE: This diagram shows Ben Nevis after the junction track arrangement was simplified compared to how it looked before, see below.

ABOVE: A good view of the junction with the Navarre line curving away to the left behind the gangers sheds, the arrival home from Navarre can be seen above the second gangers shed. Circa 1930s. (PROV collection)



ABOVE: T 390 at Elmhurst on a short Ararat to Maryborough goods, May 1978 (Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent)

ABOVE: B 72 and a T class arrive Elmhurst on the Ararat to Maryborough cross country line on a loaded wheat train on its way to Dunolly which was a major grain storage facility. Jan. 1979



ABOVE: T 351 -  T 335 - T 334 on the 9.00am Ararat to Maryborough empty grain train pauses at Avoca for safeworking purposes. July 6 1982

ABOVE: An early view of Avoca looking towards Ararat

ABOVE: circa 1910 view looking towards Maryborough. (Museum Victoria collection)

ABOVE & BELOW: An empty Portland to Dunolly grain train is turned into No.2 road at Avoca as the fireman hands up the staff to the signalman, Aug 27 1981.

BELOW: The train crosses an up Dunolly to Portland loaded grain train. Aug 27 1981.


ABOVE: The station building at Avoca looks a little worse for wear as a Maryborough to Ararat enthusiast special  arrives to the enjoyment of the townspeople. April 4 1989. (photo courtesy Noel Bamford)

ABOVE: The remains of the turntable/loco depot at Avoca, April 4 1989. (photo courtesy Noel Bamford) 

The train staff for the section Maryborough - Avoca, 1981.