The interior of Newport B box, also known as Newport South Junction. The gate wheel operated the interlocked gates across Champion Road. The gates were replaced by boom barriers March 6 1977 at which time the signalbox was abolished and all control of points and signals at Newport south was transferred to Newport A box.

The control panel above the levers operated the points and signals at "Rock loop" an unattended crossing loop 3 1/2 miles away on the Geelong line. The control panel, the first in Victoria, was installed on Aug. 16 1931. In 1965 the single line from Rock loop to Laverton was duplicated and Rock loop henceforth became know as Rock Junction (still controlled from this panel). On Oct. 22 1967 the duplication was extended from Rock Junction to Altona Junction at which time the control panel was abolished.

The page below is taken from the "Rules for the Automatic And Track Control of Train Signalling" booklet (C. 15/31) issued by the VR to staff, dated July 23 1931. It shows the panel in detail and how to opearte the points and signals.

The photo below shows an external view of Newport B box looking south, the chimney is at the blacksmiths shop at Newport workshops. The appendage on the front of the box was added in 1937 to allow lever locks to be installed.

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