ABOVE: A down swingdoor departs Princes Bridge in the 1950's. Official VR photo

ABOVE: Looking towards the buffers on platform 16, circa 1930s (PROV photo)

ABOVE: Looking east along platforms 15 and 16. BELOW: closeup of the platform indicatorsn (PROV photo)

ABOVE:  This photo shows Princes Bridge being lowered prior to the Gas & Fuel building being built above it, 1964. (Official VR photo)

ABOVE & BELOW: Princes Bridge showing the different levels that were aligned in ????. Official VR photo

ABOVE: B 72 hauls a Lilydale to Werribee charter train past Princes Bridge.

The signalbox on the right of the photo is Flinders Street C box. Nov. 28 1977 (Peter J Vincent photo)

The 1654 Prince's Bridge to Epping service awaits departure on Feb. 18 1988. Within a year blue Harris trains would exist only in photos. Above the train can be seen the Gas & Fuel head office which was demolished to make way for the Federation square project. Photo courtesy Robert Aqulina