Port Melbourne line.

ABOVE: A swing-door "Doggie" awaits departure time for the journey back to Flinders Street.

ABOVE: A view of Port Melbourne yard looking toward Melbourne from the now demolished Centenary Bridge, the electrified suburban line can be seen on the far right. This area is now completely covered by a residential housing development. Photo date 1969 Official VR photo

ABOVE: On Sept. 16 1979 the Victorian Railways celebrated its 125th anniversary by running special trains to Port Melbourne. The Port Melbourne line was converted to a tram line in 1987 and this area has been completely re-developed. This photo shows the extensive trackwork that used to serve Station Pier. This was K 190's first public appearence after being conpletely overhauled and painted green.

ABOVE: Circa 1910 photo looking south along the pier. (M 234 was a Phoenix built 4-4-0 that was off register 1917)

ABOVE:An unknown 280 Walker railmotor sits on Station Pier probably taking newly arrived migrants to Bonegilla. The ship "Patris" was apparently a Greek ship that carried many Greek migrants to Australia, 1960's Official VR photo

ABOVE: Pt Melbourne A box circa 1960s

ABOVE: Looking south from the down platform over Graham street before electrification. Port Melbourne loco depot is seen on the left, this was the main loco depot in Melbourne for suburban steam operations. Graham signalbox can be seen on the far right.


ABOVE: Looking North, an up Port Melbourne swingdoor departs Graham circa 1950's. The road in the foreground was later replaced by an overpass in 1968

North Port

ABOVE: A Port Melbourne bound "Tait" arrives at North Port, Feb 1981

ABOVE: Down and up Taits cross at North Port on the now closed Port Melbourne line. Feb. 1981.

ABOVE: A freshly painted "Tait" suburban train departs North Port on a Flinders Street to Port Melbourne service in 1979. In the late 1980's this line was converted to tram running as is seen below in March 2007


ABOVE: An up Port Melbourne approaches Montague, 1986

ABOVE: A Port Melbourne to Flinders Street rebuilt Harris between Montague and the junction with the St Kilda line. August 22 1987. (photo courtesy Warren Banfield)