Maryborough to Mildura and Yelta

Maryborough to Dunnoly opened: Oct 6 1874
Dunnoly to Bealiba opened: Sep 3 1878
Bealiba to St Arnaud opened: Dec 23 1878
St Arnaud to Cope Cope opened: Jan 26 1882
Cope Cope to Donald opened: April 22 1882
Donald to Birchip opened: Mar 28 1893
Birchip to Woomelang opened: Sep 18 1899
Woomelang to Hattah opened: Jan 15 1903
Hattah to Nowingi opened: May 25 1903
Nowingi to Yatpool opened: Sep 30 1903
Yatpool to Mildura opened: Oct 27 1903


1973 signal arrangement diagram

ABOVE: 1920 view of the station buildings.

ABOVE: Dunolly was a major wheat storage facilty as well as a junction station, the track nearest the camera is the line to Inglewood/Korong Vale, the track next to it was the mainline to Mildura. 1978.

BELOW: The grain storage complex at the up end with the SG loop line in the foreground. 1986


1925 signal arrangement diagram

ABOVE: Bealiba looking towards Melbourne, 1985. BELOW: Looking towards Mildura 1985

Cope Cope

1946 signal arrangement diagram

ABOVE: Cope Cope station buildings looking towards Melbourne 1984.


ABOVE: circa 1920s view of Woomelang loco depot. (official VR photo)




ABOVE: T 371 and a Y class on a down goods at Woomelang. 1975. (Photo courtesy Trevor Penn)


ABOVE: T 407 shunts at Lascelles on an up goods. Jan. 1980 (photo courtesy Warren Banfield)


ABOVE, an up pass arrives Ouyen, circa 1910

ABOVE: An up goods departs Ouyen after the pass seen on the right has cleared the single line section, circa 1948. (photo courtesy Phil Dunn) 

ABOVE: A2 909 departs Ouyen on a down pass. circa 1948. (photo courtesy Phil Dunn)

ABOVE: A down goods arrives Ouyen 1975. (photo courtesy Trevor Penn)

ABOVE: Looking north at the station area, circa 1948 (photo courtesy Phil Dunn)

ABOVE: Mildura loco depot circa 1948. The two left hand bays were transplanted from the loco depot at Stawell. Bay 4 contained a gantry crane for lifting wagons. (caption information courtesy Bruce McLean)

ABOVE: B 66 awaits departure on an up container train. Sept. 2 1975 (Official VR photo. PR 8889.)

ABOVE: T 365 shunts the Mildura wharf line April 5 1972. (photo courtesy Doug Miles)

ABOVE: X 38 has just arrived at Mildura on VR's only intrastate overnight passenger train, Jan. 7 1980


ABOVE & BELOW: Two views looking back towards Mildura, below June 1974 (photo below courtesy Bruce McLean)

BELOW: Looking north at the end of the line. The most northerly point on the Victorian Railways. Nov 1973.   (photo courtesy Bruce McLean)