ABOVE: About 3 hours after leaving Swan Hill and with only 5 miles to Bendigo we see R 711 on an up Swan hill pass depart Eaglehawk. At Bendigo the train will have some carriages added and the R will be replaced by a B class diesel to form the 12 noon up pass to Melbourne, Jan 25 1964.  (photo courtesy John Ward)

ABOVE: J 550 on a Bendigo area pilot at the platform at Eaglehawk, March 23 1970. (photo courtesy John Ward)

ABOVE: T 367 departs Eaglehawk on a down Swan Hill pass. whilst J 550 on a Bendigo area pilot waits for it to leave so it can resume its shunting. March 23 1970. (photo courtesy John Ward)

ABOVE: Eaglehawk station building and signalbox, July 1970. (photo courtesy Neville Gee)

ABOVE: RM 56 departs Eaglehawk on an up Sea Lake service, Jan 29 1972. (photo courtesy Neville Gee)

ABOVE:X38, up pass, Eaglehawk. 11:20, April 14, 1979. (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)

ABOVE: T338, down pass, Eaglehawk. 11:55, August 26, 1978. (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)

ABOVE: B 83 - B 69 pass the Eaglehawk signal box on a down Swan Hill service, Nov 1983. (photo courtesy Peter Enlund)

ABOVE & BELOW: Looking east, towards Bendigo, from the station ground. Feb 4 1989. (photos courtesy Noel Bamford)

ABOVE: Eaglehawk was the junction for lines from Inglewood/Korong Vale and Swan Hill. The two tracks paralleled each other for a short distance before entering the station, hence the relatively rare up bracket distant signal with the left arm applying to trains from Swan Hill and the right arm applying to trains from Inglewood/Korong Vale, Feb 4 1989.

BELOW: The next signal up trains encountered was post 9 and this photo shows the physical junction of the two lines. Prior to Aug 15 1981, there was a Delta crossover here and post 9 had four arms. The use of pipe dolls on lattice masts was quite rare, photo date Feb. 4 1989. (all 3 photos courtesy Noel Bamford)

BELOW: A slightly different view of post 9, Feb 18 1982.

ABOVE & BELOW: The very rare (for Victoria) 35 lever Double Wire Control interlocking machine in the signalbox at Eaglehawk, Sep 27 1979. (photos courtesy Chris Wurr)

ABOVE: Eaglehawk had a 35 lever "Double Wire Control" type signal frame, quite different to normal signal frames, here we see the wires exiting the signalbox, in a normal signal frame there would be point rods and single wires exiting the signalbox. June 3 1930 (photo courtesy Noel Bamford )