ABOVE: Looking north towards Seymour circa 1926 (Photo courtesy Tallarook.org.au)

ABOVE: Looking east from the down platform circa 1926 (photo courtesy Tallarook.org.au)

ABOVE: Looking north, the points are laying for the Mansfield line. circa 1950s.

ABOVE: A 280 Walker pauses at Tallarook before it leaves the North East main and heads onto the Mansfield branch.circa 1950s

ABOVE: In preparation for building the Standard Gauge the footbridge at the up end was demolished and replaced by a pedestrian subway. June 1961. (official VR photo 78A-24)

ABOVE: RM 25 runs a down Mansfield service May 30 1971 (photo courtesy Doug Miles)

ABOVE & BELOW: S 317 on an up Standard Gauge goods. Sept 26 1971 (photo courtesy Weston Langford)

ABOVE: T 389 shunts at Tallarook on a down goods Nov. 7 1972 (photo courtesy John Dennis)

ABOVE & BELOW: 32 RM arrives Tallarook on an up Seymour to Melbourne service July 21 1979. By this stage the Mansfield line had closed, the turnout and signal from the down line to Mansfield have been removed. (photo courtesy John Dennis)

BELOW: 1929 public timetable for the Tallarook-Mansfield line.