Cudgewa line


1921 signal arrangement

1923 plan of station ground

1964 signal arrangement

1925 extension to booking and parcels office

ABOVE: T 413 arrives at Cudgewa, Jan 27 1978 (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)

ABOVE: T 388 on an A.R.E. special at Cudgewa. Nov. 12 1977 (Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent)


1920 plan of station ground

Signal arrangement diagram

ABOVE: T 413 on a down Wodonga to Cudgewa goods at Beetoomba.  May 31 1974


Signal arrangement 1915

Plan of station ground 1917

ABOVE: K 167 at Shelley on a fan trip, Sept 18 1965. (photo courtesy John Ward)

Shunting at Shelley

ABOVE: The driver of T 413 hands up the staff to the SM before commencing shunting. Feb 23 1977 (4 photos courtesy John Dennis)

ABOVE:   The M wagon is in the dead end and has to be pulled back with a tow rope to where it can be attached to.

ABOVE & BELOW: With the M out of the dead end the loco can go in and attach to it and come out of 3 road to go back onto its train.

ABOVE: A down goods, Jan 27 1978 (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)

ABOVE: Looking towards Wodonga and BELOW: Looking towards Cudgewa, 1979. (photos courtesy Rob O'Regan)

BELOW: Shelley station building 1979, showing the board with the height above sea level. Shelley was the highest station on the VR system. (photo courtesy Rob O'Regan)

ABOVE: The train staff ticket boxes (with staff) at Shelley, Jan 27 1978. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)


ABOVE: A down goods just on the down side of Koetong Jan 27 1978. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)



Plan of station ground 1891

Signal arrangement 1942 (old station)

Signal arrangement 1969

Ground frame diagram 1968

ABOVE: A mixed train arrives at old Tallangatta station hauled by a T class. Tallangatta was the terminus of the line from Wodonga from 1891 until 1916. The enlargement of the Hume weir in 1957 caused this station, and the township to be relocated to higher ground. BELOW: A later photo of Tallangatta with the permanent station building, the engine shed can be seen at the extreme left of the photo.

BELOW: K 167 is taking water at Tallangatta of a "fan trip" Sept 18 1965 (photo courtesy John Ward)


ABOVE: A Leyland railmotor pauses at Huon while runing a Tallangatta to Wodonga service probably in the mid 1930's. The driver, Thomas Judge, seen walking towards the office was the father of Cudgewa legend George Judge.


ABOVE: The Overland carriage "Malkari" is bogie exchanged at Bandiana for testing in NSW. Dec. 1960 (official VR photo M 7413)

Darbyshire station ground plan

Koetong station ground plan

Bethanga Road (Ebden) station plan

1965 Ebden signal arrangement