BCE combined pass and guards vans 

ABOVE: BCE 4 circa 1936, having just been converted from a BDSE. photo courtesy PROV.

Ten combination post office and passenger cars were built 1909 - 1910. As built they were coded ESBV but very soon after they were re-coded to BDSE numbered 1 - 10. The need for travelling post offices was evidently gone by the mid 1930's. Five were converted to BE's (numbers 44 - 48) and the other five were converted to combined passenger guards vans, BCE 1 - 5. In later years they were a common sight on Geelong trains, they lasted right up until the early 80s and all five have been preserved.


ABOVE & BELOW: BDSE 6 circa 1931, photo courtesy SLV.



 ABOVE: BDSE 5, possibly at Newport workshops, date unknown, photo courtesy SLV.

ABOVE: BCE 1 at Spencer St, April 1978.

ABOVE: BCE 1 at Geelong, late 70s, photo courtesy Geoff Winkler 

ABOVE: BCE 4 at Woodend 1979, photo courtesy Rob O'Reagan

ABOVE: BCE 4 at Spencer St, circa 1979, photo courtesy Rob O'Regan  

ABOVE: BCE 5 at Spencer St, circa 1979, photo courtesy Rob O'Regan