VP boxvans

Number in Class 50
Number group 100 - 149
Construction period 1954 - 1956
In service 1956 - 1979
1979 recode VLPY
Where built NP
A very common sight on passenger trains they transported parcels traffic/mail/luggage. They featured high speed bogies and were equipped with taildiscs and tail lamp brackets. At least 10 were always on standard gauge for use between Melbourne and Sydney on interstate passenger trains. When on SG they had to be fitted with grade control equipment which necessitated the fitting of number boards.

VP 112 on standard gauge at Spencer St, 1978.

VP 111 at Albury Sept. 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

VP 141 on Standard Gauge at Spencer St. 1978. When on SG vehicles had to be fitted with "grade control" equipment, indicated by the circle on the numberboard

VP 117 at Albury, late 1970's
Photo courtesy Kent Smiley

VP 103 was a "one off" It was rebuilt with a VSX type roof after an accident in 1974.
Photo above courtesy Rob O'Regan
Photo below courtesy Peter J Vincent

VP 103 at Hamilton. Jan 1 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

What's wrong with this picture? VP 140 was photographed in Jan 1978. It is unknown how long it ran with these
plain bearing bogies.

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