VLX louvre van

VLX 212 at Westall, 1978. showing a VLX with load compensating equipment.

Number in Class 660
Number group 1 - 660
Construction period 1962 - 1968
In service 1964 - end
1979 recode VLCX
Where built
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Modeling notes Trainorama's new HO scale VLX model is quite good but has a few errors. The roof profile is much too curvy, all models are stencilled for load compensating equipment, the "roller bearings" stencil (missing on the ends) should be on a black background, non handbrake side step under door missing, silver paint on roof needs to extend down to the door guides, the vertical brace style on the model is only appropriate for later VLX's
The VLX's became the standard VR bogie louvre van by their sheer numbers. A common sight on any interstate freight they saw wide service over the entire system. For such a big class there were not many variations, main ones included different doors and different ends. Refer to "more photos"
Diagram V5 shows the group of VLX's fitted with load compansating/grade control equipment. Most VLX only had grade control equipment.

Handbrake end view of VLX 306

VLX 1 at Westall 1978

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