UB louvre vans

Number in Class 60
Number group 1 - 60
Construction period 1933 - 1934
In service 1933 - 1981
1979 recode VLAA
Where built Newport
Modelling Steam Era Models makes a great HO kit (#R9)

Veteran Models make an O scale kit.

Converted from 3 axle U vans some of these vans were coded UP for use on passenger trains and later, 4 were coded to UF after being equipped with roller bearings. In the later years as UB's they were found in service alongside regular U vans in branchline/slow goods service. Like regular U vans there were variations in roofs and doors. The vast majority had corrugated roofs and wide doors. An excellent detailed article on UB's by Phil Dunn appeared in the Oct. 2000 issue of AMRM

BELOW: UB 56 photographed just after conversion from a U to a UB, 1936.

ABOVE: UB 56 circa 1934.

UB 16 at West Footscray, 1979

UB 18 at Echuca, 1978. Below is a closeup of the corrugated roof end.

Many U's and UB's were painted in advertising liveries. UB19 was one of the very last. (photo, 1978)
BELOW: UB 19 at Geelong July 1 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: UB 58 at stored at Woodend 1978, narrow doors and smooth roof, most UB's had a corrugated roof and wide doors

ABOVE: UB 25 at Spencer St circa mid 1950s. What is unkown about this photo is why have both UBs got a door missing?

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