SCX cable transport

Number in Class 8
Number group 1 - 8
Construction period 1966 - 1968
In service 1966 - late 70's
1979 recode VFFX
Where built Newport
Modeling VR products
SCX's were converted from E open wagons. 1 - 4 were originally coded SC. #'s 5 - 8 were built as SCX. SCX's had specially designed cradles to transport up to 10 rolls of electrical cables . The Aug. 1961 VR newsletter states that they were to carry "SEC 222,000 volt steel cored aluminium cable. It will hold 10 large reels each weighing 4 tons"
In 1974 SCX's 1, 2, 4 & 5 had their cradles removed and were recoded to SX

ABOVE: SC 78 phographed in 1961
official VR photo

ABOVE: SC 78 photographed July 1961
official VR photo.

ABOVE: SC 125 (which was recoded to SCX in 1966) Jan. 1962
official VR photo


SCX 6 at Williamstown, 1978.

SCX 8 with only 8 cradles at Williamstown Pier, Oct 6 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

The photo below is from the Feb. 1963 VR Newsletter

First load of SEC's steel cored aluminium cable goes on the special SC wagon. As the cable is very sensitive to vibration it is carried on cradles that have a layer of rubber cushions. Ten reels (35 tons) were carried for the Colac - Terang power transmission line.

Photo and caption from the Nov. 1961 VR newsletter

The article below is from the April 1966 VR Newsletter

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