Q flat wagons

Q 125 at Nth Melb Workshops, May 19 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Number in Class
Number group 1, 39-129
Construction period 1913 - 1926
In service 1913 - early 1980's
1979 recode VFAA
Where built Newport workshops
# group qty built
39 - 63 25 1913
64 - 88 25 1915
89 - 129 41 1925-26
This page describes the "modern" Q's, there were earlier types most of which were scrapped by the turn of the century. A general purpose flat wagon, over the years they hauled almost every concievable load from poles, to circus wagons, army tanks, bridge girders, bagged wheat, even a house!
Q 1 was shorter than the rest of the class and featured a wooden deck. For a short time 1955 - 1962 the 4 QH's (ex S class steam tender underframes) were coded Q with numbers 132 - 135. Q 129 was unique, it was built to transport narrow gauge locomotives. There were also some oddball Q's that will be covered later.

Q 44 at Nth melb workshops. 1978.

Q 47 at Newport workshops, March 1978

VFAA 48 at Nth Melb workshops, 1979.

Q 49 at Nth Melb workshops. Sept 2 1978.

ABOVE: Q 52 on a down Bendigo goods at Sunshine. Feb. 1978.
BELOW: Q 52 at Nth melb workshops, 1979.

Q 55 Nth Geelong yard. Feb. 7 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Q 67 on a down Bendigo goods at Sunshine. Feb. 1978.

A rake of Q's carrying military vehicles at Melbourne yard, June 4 1964
Official VR photo M 9581

Q 79 at Port Melbourne. April 1 1978

Q 83 loaded with the VR's mobile exhibition caravan at Rochester, Oct. 16 1968
Official VR photo PR 2724.

Q 89 at Nth Melb Workshops April 13 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Q 92 at Nth Geelong yard. April 6 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Q 101 at Graham. June 1978

Q 103 at Brooklyn. April 1 1978

Q 109 at Nth Melb workshops. Sept. 2 1978

Q 110 at Graham. June 1978

Q 117 on a down Bendigo goods at Sunshine. Feb. 1978.

Q 120 at Nth Melbourne. Sept. 16 1978

End view of unknown Q, 1978.

View of deck and cradles.
Photo courtesy John McCallum

Classleader Q 1 was shorter than other Q's and had a wooden deck

ABOVE: Q 1 at Williamstown. Aug. 6 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: Top view of Q 1's deck
BELOW: Q 1 lettering detail.

A rake of Q's loaded with welded rail at Spotswood, note early position of handbrake.

2 unknown Q's at the Kelly & Lewis yard at Springvale, hauling 63' girders for the Broken River bridge at Benalla during construction of the Melbourne to Albury standard gauge line, photo circa 1960.

Q 129 Narrow gauge loco transporter

The article below appeared in the April 1958 VR newsletter and shows Q 129 and normal Q's in use transporting narrow gauge equipment.

Q 30 at Newport workshops. Aug 10 1978

Q 27 at Newport workshops. Aug 10 1978.

Early style Q wagons

Q 14, (above and below) was photographed circa 1878. It was of very different construction to the modern type being built with a wooden underframe. The group numbering 14 - 38 (25 total) were built by Tozer in 1878. Some Q's from this group were converted to Pintsch gas service by adding a tank and a small wooden cabin. Note, the wagon as shown in these photos may not have been in an "in service" condition.

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