MF cattle wagons

MF 3 at Nth Geelong yard, Sept 19 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 25
Number group 1 - 25
Construction period 1928
In service 1928 - end
1979 recode VSBY
Where built Newport W.S.
DIAGRAMS General Arrangement
A bogie version of the 4 wheel M wagon, the fact that many more 4 wheel M's were built after the MF's indicates that these bogie vehicles didn't suit VR's needs in a cattle wagon even though the MF's lasted over 50 years. They were built as MM class and received the MF code when fitted with roller bearing bogies in the late 60's - 70's which enabled them to travel at express goods train speeds, (60MPH)

MF 1 at Dandenong, 1978

MM 22 circa 1934. MM 22 was built Oct. 1928, autocoupled Jan. 1933, recoded to MF 22 Nov. 1965, recoded to VSBY 22 in Jan. 1981. Disposition unknown, likely scrapped late 80's

Official VR photograph

MF 4

MF 21 at Sunshine, 1978

MF 25 at Ararat 1978

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