KC non ISO container wagons

ABOVE: KC 114 at Geelong loco depot. May 15 1978.
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 30
Number group 87 - 106, 112 - 121
In service 1954 to late 70's
Where built
Modeling An S.E.M. IY wagon underframe with homemade container brackets and load boards
Converted from IY open wagons this class carried non ISO containers. Traffic I'm aware of was from Uncle Ben's pet food plant at Wodonga to a unloading facility near the canal zone of Melbourne Yard where the containers were transferred to road truck.

ABOVE: KC 96 at Melbourne yard circa 1957 (official VR photo)

ABOVE: The classender KC 121 awaits the scrappers torch at Ranglea 1979

ABOVE: KC 103 at Nth Geelong 1978.

ABOVE: Unknown KC at West Footscray, 1979

ABOVE: Closeup of stencil/load board and container lugs

The photo below is from the March 1962 VR newletter

Containers carrying tallow. At Dynon, steam fed pipes liquify the tallow before road trucks convey it to soap factories.

BELOW: official VR photos from 1958, I'm unaware of where this traffic went from/to.

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