JQF quarry products wagon

JQF 405 at Nth Geelong yard. July 8 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 20
Number group 401 - 420
Construction period 1974 - 1977
In service 1977 -
1979 recode VHQY
Where built NP, Ballarat
In 1974 a dedicated train began running from Kilmore East to Westall hauling quarry products. 10 JQX were built for this traffic. In 1977 10 more wagons were built but coded JQF. The first ten were recoded to JQF at this time. The train was known as "The Apex" as it went to and from Apex Quarry near Kilmore East to its unloading point at Westall, later an additional unloading point at Brooklyn was introduced, normally the train had 18 JQF's and a guards van at each end to simplify shunting.

In later years sheetmetal was added to the ends to stop rocks accumulating on the ends.

ABOVE: JQX 401 as built at Newport workshops. March 28 1974 (official VR photo; PR 7787)

Article below is from a mid 1970's VR Newsletter

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