FX flour wagons

Number in Class 17
Number group 1 - 17
Construction period 1966 - 1971
In service 1966 - late 70's
1979 recode VPFX
Where built Newport & Ballarat
Diagram (2 diagrams)
The FX's main traffic was from Albury, N.S.W. to Westall and Williamstown Pier. Their design shares many similarities with JX cement hoppers, the main difference being that the FX's had 4 hoppers versus 3 hoppers on the JX.

Although capable of bogie exchange I do not know of any occasion that they ran on SG.

ABOVE: FX 2 just built and about to be issued to traffic at Newport workshops, 1966

FX 3 at Williamstown Pier, Aug. 6 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: FX 9 at Westall in 1979 (above)
BELOW: Dec 1978, photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent)

ABOVE: FX 9 at Westall May 1977
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: FX 10 at Williamstown Pier, 1978

ABOVE: VPFX 1 at Williamstown Pier, April 1980
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent

ABOVE: FX 12 at Westall, April 1978

ABOVE and BELOW: FX 1 at Melbourne yard, May 23 1968

Official VR photos

FX 3 at West Footscray Aug. 31 1966
Official VR photo

In 2015, SDS released a HO scale model of the FX class.

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