BMX bogie boxvans

Built as BB 1 at Newport in 1959, I'm not sure if it ever ran as BB 1. It was quite different to all the other BMX's as its doors were at one end.
Number in Class 79?
Number group 1 - 102 (not continuos)
Construction period 1959 - 1961?
In service 1963
1979 recode VBAX
Where built
Modeling Auscision
BMX's were built as BP's and BMF's. At any time there were never 102 coded BMX as some were equipped with pass bogies and recoded BP.

BMX 6 at Bendigo, July 8 1978.

BMX 12. April 1 1978. Note the tail light bracket.

BMX 31 at North Melbourne, Aug 20 1978
Note the taildisc and tail light brackets.

BMX 63 started life as BP 63, built new Jan 1959.
Note the taildisc and tail light brackets.
Photo at Bendigo July 8 1978.

BB 22 would end up as BMX 1 (top of page)
Official VR photo July 1959

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