WT Water Tanks

Number in Class 236
Number group 1 - 236
Construction period
In service 1977 - end
Where built Newport??
More photos
Modeling SEM makes a supurb brass kit.
WT's were used to transport water. Much of the VR system was in drought prone areas and stations were often in areas where there was no permanent water supply. The letters DW applied to the wagon indicated it was for "Domestic Water" meaning it was potable, (drinkable) WT's without the letters DW could be used for normal water transport, they were often attached behind a steam loco when in areas that had little permanent water. WT's carrying Domestic Water had their outlet taps higher to avoid the sludge at the bottom of the tank, their fill lids also were padlocked.
Gallons Built/converted Notes
1 1400 1886 scrapped 1934
2 - 60 2000 1897 - 1902 built new
61 - 100 various ex steam tenders
101 - 205 2000 1912 - 1915 built new
206 - 211 tank on reused underframes
214 - 235 2000 1959 - 1962 tank on reused underframes
236 1962 ex OT 39

ABOVE: WT 10 circa 1900, it is not known when they got their "WT" lettering. Also note the absence of the protruding filler on top.

ABOVE: WT 28, photo date 1978

ABOVE: WT 32, photo date 1978

ABOVE: WT 34 at Newport workshops. Feb 1978.


ABOVE: WT 49, photo date 1978



ABOVE: WT 52 at Sth Dynon loco depot, 1978


ABOVE: WT 108 at Newport workshops. Feb. 1978. Note the different method of attaching the W guards to the side sill.

ABOVE: WT 113 at Williamstown, 1978. Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler


ABOVE: WT 115 at Nth Geelong, Feb 6 1978
Above photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: WT 121, showing signs of many repairs, 1978


ABOVE: WT 124, photo date 1978


ABOVE: WT 133 at Newport workshops. Feb. 1978

ABOVE: WT 180 at Ararat 1976. ( photo courtesy Peter J Vincent)

WT 192, photo date 1978

ABOVE: WT 236 at Bendigo 1975
Built as Oil Tank 39, 1926 it was converted to WT 236 in 1962
photo courtesy Peter J Vincent


ABOVE: As steam loco scrapping progressed in the 1970s a number of tenders were re-purposed as water tanks. The water was not suitable for drinking. Official records on this group seem to be non existent.  Nth Melbourne 1977.

ABOVE: In 1906, steam locomotive O 47 donated its tender and it became what you see here. In the 1939 stoctake it was not found and taken off the register.