CA bogie guards vans

ABOVE: CA 1 at Nth Melbourne workshops, 1979

Number in Class 15
Number group 1 - 15
Construction period 1960
In service 1960 - mid 1980's
1979 recode VVAP
Where built Newport W.S.
VR experimented with several different designs of bogie vans over the years. They were the basis for the ZLP vans that were introduced a year after these vans. As far as I know they wore passenger red for their entire lives, in the dying years of guards vans a few were painted in wagon red, (see VVAP 6 BELOW). They were built as C class and recoded CA in 1961.

ABOVE: As built the CA class were coded C, they were recoded CA in 1961, photo date Sept. 1960 at Newport. Official VR photo

ABOVE: CA 4 at Nth Melbourne Jan 1978

CA 5 at ????
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: CA 6, photographed 1979 Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

ABOVE: VVAP 6 at Sth Dynon, April 1987. By this time guards vans were no longer used on almost all trains and long rakes of them sat around Melbourne awaiting their fate.

CA 7 at ???
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: CA 7 at Nth Melbourne workshops 1979.

CA 12 at ????
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

CA 14, circa 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

Interior view of the guards station of C 2 (later recoded CA 2) at Newport. Sept 1960.

ABOVE: CA under construction at Newport, 1960
Official VR photo