May 8 1888 Moe (Moe Junction) to Thorpdale line opened
10.75 miles of single track railway costing
£10,857 per mile. (£116,718 total cost)
July 4 1897 Coalville, car dock removed.
July 22 1897 Narracan, car dock removed.
July 26 1897 Coalville, up and down home signals removed.
June 1 1898 Moe, special instructions Thorpdale line: provide up home signal at MP 80.5 on Thorpdale line, Thorpdale train staff applies from MP 80.5 to Thorpdale, Moe to MP 80.5 worked by pilot guard.
May 8 1911 Stopping place opened for outwards cream and dairy produce only. un named
May 15 1911 Stopping place named David (see above)
July 24 1911 David, open for passengers, provide 15 foot platform, open for inwards goods, No one in charge
Jan. 29 1946 Thorpdale, Ash pit road abolished.
Dec. 3 1958 David, Coalville, Narracan, Thorpdale, closed to all traffic. Line closed.