Aug. 25 1887: Horsham to Noradjuha (Balmoral line) opened.
20.25 miles of single track railway costing
£ 3,968 per mile (£80,349 total cost)

July 31 1894: East Natimuk to Goroke opened.
28.25 miles of single track railway costing
£ 2,176 per mile (£61,461 total cost)

Attached is the 1904 Grade Book drawing of the Goroke line. This shows the original route on the down side of St Mary's (renamed Mitre Lake on 5-12-1904, then Mitre on 4-10-1920) Heavy rain over the Wimmera district during the second week of September 1910 flooded the line on the down side of Mitre Lake where the line ran through a swamp on a low embankment for about half a mile. Water covered the line and traffic was suspended beyond Mitre Lake on September 15 after the running of the 7-30pm Mixed train from Goroke to Horsham the previous day. A new deviation around the northern side of the swamp was constructed by the Way & Works Branch and train services resumed through to Goroke on Friday October 28, 1910. The old line through the swamp was dismantled and became part of the main road to Goroke. In November 1912 the Victorian Parliament passed the Natimuk and Goroke Railway Act # No 2378 to validate construction of the deviation. The new route extended the length of the Goroke line by 25 chains.