Sep 16 1890 Cathkin to Alexandra Road opened. 4.25 miles of single track railway.
Sep 1 1909 Alexandra Road: renamed Lily
Oct 28 1909 Lily: Line extended to Alexandra. Disestablished as train staff & ticket station, new section Cathkin - Alexandra.
Oct 28 1909 Alexandra: open for traffic. Line extended from Lily. Provide train staff & ticket Cathkin - Alexandra. Provide turntable. No signals. Open to passenger and goods traffic. Provide test brake board. "Man in Charge" conditions.
Jan 1 1910 Lily: renamed Rhodes
July 27 1914 Alexandra: provide down home signal and plunger lock at up end. Points from #1 road to engine shed secured by Annett lock.
Aug 21 1916 Rhodes: renamed Koriella
Jul 30 1917 Alexandra: provide up home departure signal
Oct 22 1929 Alexandra: provide 53' turntable in liue of 50' turntable
Nov 6 1945 Passenger service withdrawn.
Aug 5 1949 Alexandra: up home departure signal moved 73 yards nearer to platform
Aug 18 1949 Alexandra: provide new livestock siding facing up trains at up end, secured by Annett lock
Jun 12 1951 Alexandra: provide siding a/c Utah Construction ltd facing down trains. Inside down home signal, secured by plunger lock.
Dec 3 1957 Alexandra: Ruoak Timbers P/L siding abolished.
Nov 22 1966 Alexandra: up home signal, turntable and livestock sidings and Annett locked connection abolished.
Jun 21 1976 Alexandra: down home signal and plunger lock abolished.
Feb 21 1978 Alexandra: Stationmaster removed.
Nov. 8 1978 Cathkin to Alexandra line closed

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