QR drop side open wagon

Number in Class 407, (223 1979 total)
Number group 1 - 407
Construction period 1890 - 1930
In service 1890 - end
1979 recode VOWA
Where built Various, see diagrams
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+MODELLING+ Steam Era Models does aHO scale model
In later years the QR's were relegated to departmental service after a long life as general service open wagons. In departmental service they often carried sleepers and dirt. In sleeper unloading service the doors were dropped and the sleepers manually thrown out of the wagon.They saw occasional service in revenue traffic when wagon supply was short as shown in the above photo. In the 1930s they were autocoupled which necesitated rebuilt all steel underframes.

There were two main types of QR

3 door #'s 1 - 376 and 407

4 door #'s 377 - 406

ABOVE: QR 38 in as built condition circa 1900

ABOVE: QR 43 circa 1910. photo courtesy PROV

ABOVE: QR 168 circa 1905
Official VR photo.

ABOVE: QR 121 photographed circa 1920
Photo courtesy State Library of Victoria collection


ABOVE: QR 7 circa 1930
State Library of Victoria collection.

ABOVE: QR 95 and another QR shown with their doors removed for the loading of these pipe loads, circa 1934. photo courtesy PROV

ABOVE: QR 1 at Flinders St, circa 1970. photo courtesy Peter J Vincent.

ABOVE: QR 12 at Broadford loop. After the standard gauge was built a small group of QR's were kept on the standard gauge for ballast work. 


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ABOVE: QR 91 at Nth Melb workshops, Feb 1978.

ABOVE: Showing the plate frame bogies on  QR 243.

Archbar bogies on unknown QR, circa 1960.
Official VR photo.


ABOVE: QR 393 showing the later 4 door style. 1978.

ABOVE: Another photo showing the doors removed to transport bagged grain.

ABOVE: Underside view of a QR after an unknown derailment.



ABOVE: Showing the doors being dropped to allow fill to be shovelled out, 1970s.


ABOVE: Unknown QR's loaded with wreckedcarriages from the Sunshine smash. April 1908

BELOW: Three QR's loaded with a bridge girder for a bridge during construction of the Yarrawonga - Oaklands line, 1928. Note that all but the end bulkheads have been removed for the load.

BELOW: End view of QR 184 at Dandenong, 1978.


BELOW Steam Era Model's superb HO model of the 3 door QR.