1947 Signal Diagram
1977 Signal Diagram
1977 Stawell A box diagram
1977 Stawell B box diagram
1936 plan of loco depot

S 300 heads the 6.55am Dimboola to Spencer St pass. as it departs Stawell. 1975.
Photo courtesy Trevor Penn

By the many parked cars it looks like Stawell Gift time.
Phil Dunn has sent me some observations about A2 942 which also helps date the photo:

"A2 942 was converted to oil firing and issued to traffic 13-12-45 the first to be done. It was converted to heavy residual oil 21-3-51 and water treatment was fitted about the same time. I am pretty sure that A2 942 entered service as an oil burner with a radiused edge on thetop of the oil tank.
The photo shows the locomotive pre heavy residual oil and pre water treatment though with blow down muffler and square edged tank. A2 942 was shopped at Ballarat North in 1948 and in 1949 so a tender change or oil tank change might have been undertaken at either shopping. My guess is the photo was taken 1949-50."

B 61 departs Stawell on the Horsham to Spencer St pass, 1981

A classic double S class combination in full throttle at the start of the climb up Stawell
bank on an up train. 1981.

The view from C 509 on an up "jet" as we storm through Stawell. Aug. 13 1981

Of all the pictures I took at Stawell, this is my favourite. I'm standing on the remains of the Grampians line looking east as an up goods passes by in full throttle for the attack on Stawell bank. I always thought that the gum trees behind the signalbox were the tallest I've ever seen. 1982

The afternoon up Horsham to Spencer St. pass. pauses at Stawell. 1981

A Melbourne to Dimboola fast goods drops down into Stawell, Feb. 1982

B 80 in its new "teacup" paint leads a brand new "N set" into Stawell
on the 8.30am Spencer St. to Horsham pass. Jan. 1982

An X and Y class on an up empty superphosphate train cross a down goods at Stawell. The view is looking towards Melbourne.
Stawell A signalbox can be seen above the flat top T.
Feb. 4 1982

T 338 shunts at Stawell while running a Ararat to Murtoa roadside goods in.
Unlike most VR goods sheds Stawells was a rather substantial brick building.

I was firing for my good mate, and fellow railfan, Chris Wurr on this train and you can bet that any train worked by us was well photographed!
The train was #9103 (200t) and we had departed Ararat at 8.00am. At Stawell we were put away for a cross in the fog and for a reason that escapes me now. We were put into the short track behind Stawell A box.
June 8 1982

A few years later, after I had transfered to Wodonga I went up to Ararat to spend a few days with Chris and travelled by car along the mainline to see the newly installed CTC. When we arrived at Stawell I was shocked to see the remains of this signalbox. All that was left was the smouldering stumps of the signalbox having just been burnt to the ground.

The view from the cab of B 63 we leave Stawell on an Ararat to Marmalake empty wheat train. Feb. 1981

The down Horsham pass departs Stawell. Oct 18 1982
Photo courtesy John Ward

The "Sunday Excursion" Spencer St. to Horsham pass. passes "Stawell A box" 1981.

As built, westbound trains leaving Stawell faced a 1 in 50 grade that started as soon as you left Stawell, regrading saw the grade eased to 1 in 62
but with VR's habit of assigning just enough locos for the task it was always a tough climb and bankers were used right up to the end of the steam era.
This up grain train is being led by a T class which would mean it would have slowed down through Stawell to exchange staffs and it looks like it is
making hard work of the climb judging by the sand being applied to the rails. The locos are T 388 - T 384 - Y 160 and the date is Oct 18 1982.

Photos courtesy John Ward

9103 was a mid morning goods that departed Ararat with any loading offering, empty wheat wagons,
cattle/sheep trucks, oil tanks, you name it. Here it is seen dropping downgrade into Stawell.
While waiting to take this photo I watched the ganger remove the old 55 mph curveboard and erect the
shiny new 90 km/h curveboard seen. 1981

ABOVE: An SAR open wagon is unloaded in the goods yard. 1981.

The fireman on an up goods hands the staff up to the signalman at A box, circa mid 1970's.

Stawell A signalbox, 1981.

Post 13, up home arrival from Serviceton line, this post used to have 4 arms when
there was a delta crossover. The disc took you into the goods yard. 1981.

Post 17 had the up distant for the mainline and the up home from the
Grampians line. The home signal was abolished in 1977 after which
only the up distant remained.

Post 14, discs from the loco sidings (Grampians line)

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