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1919 Signal Diagram
1942 Signal Diagram

D 224 on an up mixed at Serviceton, Mort Clark collection

S 303 - S 302 appear to be doing a bit of shunting at the VR/SAR crew change station, Serviceton. March 30 1970
Photo courtesy Tony Smith.

When viewed from the warm bed on The Overland in the middle of the night Serviceton looked somewhat mystical through the inky
darkness. Here we see two very new C class, just before sunrise, that have just attached to 9144 "jet" awaiting departure for their run east to Melbourne. Oct 1977.
Photo courtesy Warren Banfield

C 509 on a Melbourne to Adelaide "Jet" pauses at Serviceton, Jan 1985.
Serviceton was the "border station between the Victorian Railways and the S.A.R, (South Australia Railways)
It was here that locos and crews were changed on all interstate trains. With through working of locos
starting in the early 1980's and through working of crews with the advent of National Rail in the mid 1990's,
"Servi" as it was usually known, became barely a speck on the map.
Tony Tuccio collection

R 748 at Serviceton having run No 81 goods which was a 7.30 am Dimboola to Serviceton roadside goods March 8 1967
Photo courtesy John Ward

Looking west, the down home arrivals. 1981

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