The signalman recieves the electric staff from the fireman on T 400 as it arrives in #2 road at Lubeck on 9193 goods.
Nov 3 1981

C 510 on a down Jet arrives into # 2 road at Lubeck, 1981

The 8.30am Spencer Street to Horsham pass speeds through Lubeck.
I was standing on the roof of a C class on an up "jet" that was backed
onto the Bolangum line to take this photo. August 7th 1982

Lubeck's impressive collection of up home arrivals, looking towards Melbourne.
The line on the left is the brachline from Bolangum, the line on the right is the
Melbourne to Adelaide mainline. 1981.

B 68 and B 62 on a Murtoa to Portland goods. The train consisted of 60 GY/GH and a ZLP van for 1596 tons, the train has been backedonto the Bolangum branch at Lubeck
to allow the up pass to run through it.This was common practice at Lubeck when a train was too long for No. 2 road. Jan 1 1980

X 34 - T 367 - Y 149 (2107 tonnes) on an up wheat special from Murtoa is put away at Lubeck in the extension of #2 road.
Feb. 3 1982

Post 3, up home departures

Post 10, up inner home arrival from Bolangum line

Post 4 ensured that every move from the sidings was signalled! 1981


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