B 80 speeds through Laverton on a down Geelong pass. Oct. 12 1981.
VR introduced a "new deal for country passengers" in 1981 to coincide with the introduction of the N passenger car sets.
The chosen colour scheme of tangerine and silver was not loved by many.
The bridge in the background was the site of VR's last passenger fatality when an up Geelong pass.
went through the crossover under the bridge at high speed causing the train to derail and kill one passenger in 1976.

B 76 flys through Laverton on a Geelong to Melbourne passenger train 1978.

B 66 on a morning up Geelong commuter. The station in the background is Aircraft and the train is about to arrive at Laverton. Feb 20 1979
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent

T 340 - T 329 on a down Geelong goods change crews with Y 126 on an up Geelong goods at Laverton. Feb 20 1979
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent

A down Newport to Werribee DERM pauses at Laverton, 1978.

DERM #61 departs Laverton on a Newport to Weribee service in 1979. This line was electrified to Werribee in the early 1980's
and now the Melbourne to Adelaide standard gauge lines is about where the goods shed on the left is seen standing.

BELOW: The same view 29 years later, Nov. 2008


On July 20 1976 an up Geelong to Melbourne passenger train derailed at high speed at Laverton. The derailment was caused by the train diverging through a 25 mph crossover at high speed, the crossover was very close to the Princes highway overpass and after derailing the train hit the overpass which caused the first carriage to be almost demolished, a passenger in this carriage was killed.

All photos courtesy Stuart Lodington taken the morning after the derailment.

The view from the overpass that the train hit after derailing, looking towards Melbourne.

The derailed train where it came to rest on the east side of the line.

The first car was almost totally destroyed, note the toilet bowl still attached to the floor.
The carriage on the left was AE 36, VR's first airconditioned carriage, it was scrapped as
a result of the derailment.

The end of the first car that was attached to the loco, the closest corner was where it hit the overpass.

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