The 8.30am Spencer St. to Horsham pass nears the end of its journey as it passes through Dooen. Oct. 6 1981

The afternoon Horsham to Spencer St pass flies through Dooen as it exchanges the staff "on the auto" 1982

Dooen was almost demolished by a derailment in the late 70's requiring the front of the signalbox to be replaced, the platform was drastically cut back after the derailment. Dooen was closed to passengers in 1972. Dooen became a switch locked siding on Nov 11 1983 as a result of CTC between Murtoa loop and Horsham.

Taken from atop the wheat silo, an up goods arrives #2 road at Dooen, 1982.

T 400 on a down goods crosses B 76 on the up afternoon Horsham to Melbourne pass. Nov. 3 1981

Freshly painted T 413 drops off some empty GH's at Dooen as a farmers wheat truck prepares to unload.
Feb. 1982

When a loco fails and the cupboard is almost empty, anything goes. An up jet limped into Dimboola with a defective C class
and all that Dimboola had on hand was a pair of T's, they made it to Ararat where more suitable power
was attached for the journey to Melbourne. The cane staff carrier can be seen sticking out the
window in preparation for the hand staff exchange. 1981

An up goods arrives into #2 road, 1981

Post 7, up home arrivals, 1981.

The up home departure signals, posts 3 and 4, 1981

The down home arrival signals, post 2. 1981

A very early view of Dooen, probably soon after opening and certainly before 1888 when it got its first interlocking frame.

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