This photo, taken circa 1918 shows the original Windsor signalbox that was replaced with a brick structure in 1926 shown below.
Official VR photo

This was the second signalbox at Windsor. These interlocked gates at Union street, and the signalbox, were abolished June 1983. Photo, 1982
The signalbox diagram for this signalbox can be seen by clicking here.

On Feb. 7 1989 a severe rainstorm hit Melbourne. This up Sandringham train was told to stop at Windsor as there
was flooding between Prahran and Sth Yarra, whilst stopped water started rising at Windsor rapidly with the result
you see here, at one stage the water was actually above the bottom of the doors. This train never ran again!

A view of the flooded train looking from the Union St crossing. Feb. 7 1989

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