It's hard to believe that the busy line from Footscray to South Kensington was just double track until Nov. 21 1976 when two new lines were brought into service between Footscray and South Kensington and Footscray signalbox was abolished. One can only guess at how busy this double line section must have been prior to the completion of the goods lines from South Kensington to West Footscray (through the Bunbury street tunnel) in 1927 as every passenger and goods train from Melbourne to Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo would have passed this point.

The 3 position signals shown arrived at Footscray on Aug 7 1927 when the section South Kensington to Yarraville A box was converted to 3 position signals, the line to West Footscray was converted soon after on Oct. 15 1927. Amazingly no signal diagram seems to have survived that shows Footscray in 2 position days. If you have one please contact me!
Photo, looking east, circa 1960's.
Official VR photo

The photo below was taken April 2008

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