An up goods is about to cross the Maribyrnong river bridge between Footscray and South Kensington. In the closeup below it can be seen that overhead stautions have begun to be erected which would date the photo to circa 1920. Although no signals can be seen in either photo, trunking for power signals can be seen next to the down (left) line and wires for mechanical signals can be seen to the right of the up line. 3 position signaling was introduced between South Kensignton and Footscray on Aug. 7 1927.

The signalbox shown in the photo below was Maribyrnong River junction signalbox (Formerly Salwater River signalbox) which controlled the juntion that is still there to this day. The signalbox was abolished on Aug. 7 1928 when South Kensignton took control of the junction as part of the 3 position signal installation.

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