This view of Sth Kensington, looking east, towards the city, was probably taken just after 3 position signals were installed between Sth Ken. and Footscray which occured on August 7, 1927. The photo below is simply a closeup of the photo above, concentrating on the station area. It shows the old signalbox, on the left, that housed a mechanical interlocking frame that controlled the 2 position signals, the new signalbox, on the right (which by the way still stands) was brought into service on Oct 21, 1928 and was a modern, power frame that controlled the 3 position signals.

The photo below was presumably taken on the same day, the photographer simply turned around 180 degrees and is now looking west, towards Footscray. The siding curving away to the right was the City Abbatoirs line that later served the Commonwealth Government sidings known as Kenstore. In the late 1970's 2 additional lines were built from Sth Kensington to Footscray.

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