AE 1st class wooden compartment pass. cars

Number in Class 42
Number group 1 - 42
Construction period 1906 - 1923
In service 1910 - mid 80's
Where built Newport
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Model info. SEM make a HO kit that requires kitbashing
Found mainly on longer distance intrastate passes, the AE's had beautifully crafted interiors featuring nicely upholstered seats (6 per compartment) and fine woodwork, they rode supurbly at high speed.

The AE's were built with 6 wheel bogies, when the "Spirit Of Progress" was converted from Broad Gauge to Standard Gauge in the early 1960's the Broad Gauge bogies from the AS and BS cars were fitted to most of the AE cars (1962 - 1964)

The following AE's were air conditioned in 1935/39: 1, 3, 12, 36 in 1962 these cars were recoded to BE's 50, 51, 52, 49 respectively,in 1983 at least two (51 & 52) air conditioned BE's were recoded back to AE class but kept their BE numbers.

AE 28 at Spencer Street, 1978

The bogies from the BG "Spirit of Progress" that were fitted to the AE's in the early 60's

End view of AE 2

In 1983 at least two (51 & 52) air conditioned BE's were recoded back to AE

AE 51 was formerly AE 3.

AE 36 circa Dec. 1935 just after the car was equipped with air conditioning. This was VR's first air conditioned car. In Nov. 1961 it was recoded to BE 49. It was severely damaged in a derailment at Laverton in 1976 and scrapped in 1978.

Official VR photo

AE 2 (as preserved) at Nth Melb workshops July 1987

Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

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