X class steam locomotives
wheel arrangement: 2-8-2
X 43 (built 1938), the 1st of the class to be scrapped in 1957, X's 38 onwards were built new with deflectors and modified front ends, X 39 onwards were constructed with Belpaire boilers.
Number in Class 29
Number group 27 - 55
Construction period 1929 - 1947
In service 1929 - 1960
Where built Newport
Tractive effort 48,360 lb (with booster)
A heavy goods loco, the X's were basically a gauge convertible C class with a decent size boiler, and a booster unit. (except X 36). They were a much respected loco by the drivers and fireman that worked them. The X's were the most powerful goods locos VR ever rostered. X 38 to 41 went into traffic with former S class tenders.
X 39, in July 1938, was the first VR loco built with A6ET brake equipment. This equipment became standard on all subsequent new steam locos. Single stage air pumps were replaced by cross compound pumps 1933 onwards. X 29 and 36 were the last of the class is service, withdrawn Nov. 1960. Tenders were placed with Clyde Engineering for a further 15 brown coal burning locos but the success of the B class diesels saw the order cancelled.

X 27 in "as built" condition. X's 27 to 38 were subsequently fitted with Belpaire boilers.

X 46 brand new at Newport Sep. 10 1942

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