J class steam locomotives
wheel arrangement: 2-8-0
J 503 circa 1953
Number in Class 60
Number group 500 - 559
Construction period 1953 - 1954
In service 1954 - 1972
Where built Vulcan Foundry U.K.
Tractive effort 29.460lb
VR's last class of steam loco. The original order was for 50 locos which was increased to 60 after the VR sold 10 N class locos to S.A.R.

They were a more modern, gauge convertible K class with a high pitched boiler and wide firebox for possible gauge conversion. By the time they were delivered, dieselisation had commenced, thus condemning these unremarkbale locos to a short life. Cowcatchers were removed from mid 1966.

J 550 holds the distinction of being the very last revenue steam loco in service, it was rostered on the 6:00 am Bendigo pilot on May 25 1972. The next day it was placed in storage at Bendigo loco.

The first 30 (500 - 529) were coal burners, the last 30 (530 - 559) were oil burners. They saw service all over the state in secondary service.

The 2 page article. below, appeared in the May 1954 VR Newsletter

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